Israr Engineering provides services and expertise across all streams of the renewable energy industry from conception to completion and commissioning


Starting with the engineering and construction phase, the project team keeps a rigorous deliverable schedule which includes a detailed, project specific checklist.

Supply and Procurement

We use the industry’s leading panel manufacturers’ mounting technologies and electrical componentsto deliver a system which provides the optimal performance.

Testing and Commissioning

We provide complete and comprehensive system testing at every step of the installation process. This commitment to quality means the testing phase is rigorous and thorough.


Only a well maintained plant is a productive plant. Many causes can affect the performance of your plant during its life ranging from technical issues to environmental conditions.


Its advanced solution for Solar PV. It is the ideal, best in class monitoring & control tool for managing solar photovoltaic plants. It enables centralised Monitoring & operation.


A proven solution implemented in a variety of configurations and IT architectures for customers in energy sectors.

ISRAR ENGINEERING We take care of your investment.

What We Do



We work with each potential client to perform an on-site assessment of the host site to evaluate the roof space, structure and membrane condition along with a preliminary review of the existing electrical components.

Engineering and Design

A client specific system design begins upon contract execution. System drawings are prepared to reflect structural, electrical and solar photovoltaic requirements.

Planning and Project Management

Our project design and planning services team brings years of experience in the structural, electrical, construction and energy industries to our solar clients.

Our Recent Works