About Us


Israr Engineering is one of AL-Zerini group companies it has many years of experience in renewable energy business. Its Services delivers world-class engineering solutions designed to exceed client expectations while respecting cost effective goals. Israr Engineering provides services and expertise across all streams of the renewable energy industry from conception to completion and commissioning. From executing single projects or managing multi-disciplined programs, Israr Engineering Services efficiently executes fully integrated projects by providing critical engineering services which are strategically aligned with our client’s needs. We are committed to consistently providing safe and successful high-quality solutions achieved with a team of experts focused on detailed analysis to achieve reliable results.


ISRAR Engineering Consortium of companies strongly believe in collaborative group way of operation with its business partners that is unified through a shared commitment for impeccable quality service, highly integrated service delivery processes, that enables each independent company of the group operation to be focused into what it does best by performing its duties that serves the client needs. The greatest strength of our group operation is our ability to understand the strategic needs of the clients combined with the business experience of our professionals with capacity 390MW. Quest Energy Investment & Experience Provider Projects and Investments are members of ISRAR Engineering Consortium and are specialized firms for introducing integrated optimised smart renewable energy solutions based on leading edge innovative solutions and products adopting international best practices.


ISRAR Engineering is operating with its Consortium members in an integrated form with full coordination between its professionals lead by highly qualified Management Executives. Quest Energy Investments is focused on developing renewable energy projects,Quest Energy Investments is a firm imbued with a singular focus and rich understanding of energy business with a focus on renewable energy and hybrid energy solutions development and construction along with expertise in Oil and Gas sector as well. Experience Provider Projects and Investments is focused on renewable energy project’s implementation, management and investments needs through our global financing networks. It brings years of experience in the structural, electrical, construction and energy industries to our client’s projects.


Prodiel SL is a Spanish international company began in 1994 and has a good deal of experience in the Construction, O&M of PV Solar power plants worldwide with capacity up to 3 GW,Prodiel has over 1050 employees spread out across offices in Chile, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, UAE and Spain, the latter of which serves as the company’s central headquarters. Khaled Maraqa Electromechanical Est. (KMEME) was established in 1988 as an Electro-Mechanical Contracting Establishment, which is based in Amman , KMEME Specialized in the complete installation of electrical services to commercial, industrial and public developments. It also carries out routine maintenance to existing electrical installations,KMEME employs approximately 50 directly employed staff and operatives. Over the years we have created a talented and committed staff and workforce to ensure that each contract is carried out efficiently and profitably. Advocates and Legal Consultants is our law advisors with a wealth of legal practice experience in various industries transactions in Jordan, and M.E. region furnishing services in the field of; joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, investment, infrastructure projects, and commercial litigation and arbitration matters. Business Associates are our business technologies firms, equipment and products suppliers and partners, project developers, real estate agents and developers, finance houses and institutions, contractors and sub-contractors, and international consultants etc.


ISRAR Engineering Consortium members will bring together partners who share a common goal of promoting and developing Renewable Energy solutions with the intent of shaping the future renewable energy in Jordan, and potentially wherever we operate. Working together through the Consortium, we will render to our clients our collective wealth of experience, knowledge and know how in this industry, that will facilitate us deliver excellent, improved and integrated services that benefits the project’s owners. Our renewable energy project development cycle is maintained through our consortium teams that have the expertise and skills to provide complete and comprehensive services list for all phases of the renewable energy project life cycle.